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Articles From April 25, 2011
Monday Apr 25, 2011 15:00 PM ET
A hybrid of cubic zirconium and trying to feel as much like someone else as possible doesn't really scream Princess to me....I think it's actually the Tiara that does the trick.
Monday Apr 25, 2011 15:00 PM ET
William and Kate nuptials? There's an app for that!
Monday Apr 25, 2011 14:15 PM ET
With all this royal talk and fairytale weddings, it might leave us commoners feeling a bit left out of the fun. But worry not ladies, I have all the tips you need for keeping your own "prince" happy.  In general,...
Monday Apr 25, 2011 00:11 PM ET
With impeccable timing and a regal flourish, British historian and monarchy expert David Starkey and HarperCollins Ltd have released an iPad/iPhone app spanning 2000 years of English royal history called Kings and Queens.Touted as "the story of the Crown of...
Monday Apr 25, 2011 59:57 PM ET
Just came back from chatting with Inside Edition's Deborah Norville about William, Harry, Diana and how she would have viewed young Catherine. I floated the idea that in keeping with Hollywood, wouldn't it be peachy if the best man, Prince...
Monday Apr 25, 2011 20:57 AM ET
Our very own Kate Middleton insider, the saucy Emma Sayle, was interviewed by Australia's TV program Today Tonight about her relationship with Prince William, her involvement in the "Sisterhood Challenge" and why she's the "perfect princess."...
Monday Apr 25, 2011 49:00 AM ET
Hello!  Welcome to The Morton Report, where saucy meets swanky. There's this wedding you might have heard about this week - I'm looking into it.In the meantime, here are the ABC's of what you can expect to find on the...
Monday Apr 25, 2011 58:04 AM ET
Kate's style isn't groundbreaking, but it certainly has women scrambling to copy her look....
Monday Apr 25, 2011 18:35 AM ET
My chat with the ExpressUK about Diana's isolation not being a problem for Kate in her marriage to William....
Monday Apr 25, 2011 05:24 AM ET interviewed me about William and Kate's wedding as a litmus test to their popularity....
Monday Apr 25, 2011 05:00 AM ET
Most could understand Prince William forgiving his father's betrayal of Diana, but how could he forgive his mistress Camilla?

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