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Articles From July 15, 2011
Friday Jul 15, 2011 25:00 PM ET
This week's roundup, from pizza to tequila and back again...
Friday Jul 15, 2011 00:00 PM ET
Home decorating is not the skill of the silly, nor is it unimportant. The lowest of the animal kingdom chooses its nest locale for safety and practicality, then builds/designs it to suit the needs of its species.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 45:00 PM ET
Haven stars Emily Rose and Eric Balfour drop a few hints about what fans can look forward to seeing in the show's second season.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 05:00 PM ET
London. Guillaume calls from Paris to say that his lover has run off with a priest. I say, don’t they all? Guillaume’s humour level is fragile. I tell him that romance is not dead. Sotheby’s has just sold an unfinished...
Friday Jul 15, 2011 10:00 PM ET
Student protest involving an attack on Prince Charles' motorcade leads to prison time for son of musician Dave Gilmour.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 45:00 PM ET
Jerry Ragovoy became a household name in the music industry over his six-decade run and his recorded works will live forever and no doubt inspire listeners for years into the future.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 40:00 AM ET
As I watched Kate say her I do's, I was overwhelmed by the sinking feeling you get when you head out to a party in your best frock feeling fabulous only to watch a supermodel walk in wearing couture.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 30:00 AM ET
When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 opened last year I called the movies, "a closed club, really for fans only." I have always felt the movies worked best as an addendum to the books; a big screen visualization of J.K. Rowling's words for Potterphiles who already understood why Harry would have to collect all the horcruxes before doing battle with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 15:00 AM ET
Long-time viewers will be more than pleased with the season opener, but if you’ve never experienced Breaking Bad, now is the time to catch up. The acting is exemplary (note Cranston’s multiple Emmy wins), and its strange, creepy vibe and unique plot make it unlike any other show on TV. Just watch out for the gore.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 00:00 AM ET
I watched Emily’s interview with host Chris Harrison and never has one human being ever uttered so many words and said so little.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 40:00 AM ET
The posthumously released Heaven and Earth (May 2011) is an extraordinary collection of songs. With a voice worn by the demands of aging, and a fondness for the drink, Martyn has turned in a compelling work.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 20:00 AM ET
A study, commissioned by Smart Money and Redbook states, "All couples argue from time to time, and, in a general sense, it turns out we're all arguing about the same things." We probably didn't need a study to tell us that we present what is truly bothering us through superficial outlets such as being outraged at finding teaspoons in the tablespoon tray.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 00:00 AM ET
In the business of hopefully making your days better by listening to great music...
Friday Jul 15, 2011 55:00 AM ET
One can only imagine how McKinney's story would have unfolded had she been born 40 years later.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 20:00 AM ET
As promised, iconic Led Zeppelin guitarist launches his official website with exclusive material and a clubby, members-only feeling.
Friday Jul 15, 2011 00:00 AM ET
The entertainment world needs interesting characters - larger than life personalities who can make headlines and feed the media with tales of excess, fall-outs, and ups and downs. Over the years we’ve had no shortage of nominees for this category....

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