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Articles From January 7, 2013
Monday Jan 7, 2013 20:00 PM ET
Actress Lesley Nicol talks about the goings on behind the doors of Downton Abbey and her role of Mrs. Patmore.
Monday Jan 7, 2013 00:00 PM ET
These days, it's increasingly difficult for longtime established artists to remain relevant. Many lose the edge, some musically and some lyrically. Kris Kristofferson is not one of these. In fact, he has gotten better at his craft, much better.
Monday Jan 7, 2013 50:00 PM ET
Not an easy film to warm up to, Gregory Peck stars as F. Scott Fitzgerald. Based on the memoir by Sheilah Graham.
Monday Jan 7, 2013 45:00 PM ET
Award-winning writer Nancy Collins discusses the reasons behind the reappearance of her signature creation, Sonja Blue, why she's publishing it with the help of the Indiegogo crowdfunding service, and what makes vampires such enduring, perennially fascinating subjects.

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