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Articles From February 6, 2013
Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 50:00 PM ET
Being interested in how Audio Fidelity works and their focus on providing the best sound that can be extracted from decades-old master tapes, I interviewed Marshall Blonstein to gain new insights into where Audio Fidelity is going and what could possibly be next from his historic label.
Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 55:00 PM ET
Actress Kristin Lehman talks about her new job catching the bad guys as Detective Angie Flynn in the new CTV crime drama series Motive.
Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 35:00 PM ET
Tom Kaczynski talks about Beta Testing the Apocalypse, a collection of thematically linked stories, how each story influenced the next, the writers and artists who have influenced his work generally, and much more.
Wednesday Feb 6, 2013 10:00 PM ET
Sixty years after its original release, this animated classic enters the high definition age with a stunning transfer and 7.1 remix.

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