Brooke Shields to Go Goth as Broadway's Morticia Addams

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Eternal starlet Brooke Shields will take over for Bebe Neuwirth and transform into Morticia Addams in the Broadway musical The Addams Family on June 28. Shields long ago proved her stage bona fides, winning plaudits for her roles in Grease, Wonderful Town, Chicago and Cabaret. But she'll probably always be best known for her film and TV roles, which explains why Access Hollywood was interested.

Did they care when the Tony-winning, Welsh-born actor Roger Rees (The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby) took over for Nathan Lane as Gomez Addams? Not really, though American TV fans do remember Rees as the condescending Robin Colcord on Cheers.

Shields is already preparing for the role, but "my body hasn't felt in it yet," she told the TV show, "and we'll see how I feel when I start to dance the tango - in this tight dress."

We don't know how she'll feel, but surely she'll look foxy as the creepy family's sultry mom, following in the stiletto footsteps of not only Neuwirth (from Cheers and Frasier - is there a theme here?) but Angelica Huston (the Addams Family movies) and the original, of course: Carolyn Jones, who'll always be Morticia to some of us.

Zeitgeist note: Brooke Shields came into this world in 1965, smack in the middle of the two-season run of the original Addams Family TV series. Maybe she was born to be bad after all.

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