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All-New Beethoven's Treasure Tail - Scores Laughs (and Barks) on Blu-ray and DVD

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Twenty-two years and six sequels after the original 1992 worldwide hit Beethoven, Universal has released the latest family-friendly comic adventure of the loveable St. Bernard. Beethoven’s Treasure Tail stars Jonathan Silverman as Beethoven’s owner, Eddie. The dog, it turns out, has slumped into a deep depression that hinders his once-lucrative movie career. In fact, the four-legged actor is essentially fired during the making of his latest action flick, Spy Dog 3.

For those following the chronology, this new film follows 2008’s Beethoven’s Big Break, which also starred Silverman as the same character. While trying to scare up some work for his St. Bernard, Eddie finds himself and Beethoven in a troubled coastal town. A big developer, Fritz Bruchschnauser (Jeffrey Combs), seeks to buy the town and “bring it into the 21st century.” Beethoven teams up with a young boy, Sam (Bretton Manley), to find a long-lost treasure using an ancient pirate map. The goal, of course, is to try and save the town from being commercialized by the uncaring developer.

The original Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson, co-stars as Sam’s put-upon mother, Anne. Grace O’Malley (Jayne Eastwood) fills Eddie in on the backstory to O’Malley’s Cove, careful not to label Captain Patrick O’Malley (J. Thomas Scott) a “pirate” even when he clearly appears to have been as seen in flashbacks. Kids will get a kick out of Beethoven’s mild, PG-rated antics. I must add that my own dog was quite enthralled by the big St. Bernard as well, watching (and barking) intently as Beethoven romped around.

The Blu-ray looks as crisp and detailed as any recent studio-produced film should. C. Kim Miles cinematography (presumably digital) is presented in sterling clarity. No one goes into a Beethoven film seeking visual artistry, but this 1080p transfer is on par with any modestly budgeted 2014 release. The DTS-HD MA 5.1 mix is front-centric, focused primarily on dialogue. Chris Hajian’s score spills over into the rear channels, as does generally ambiance.

Surprisingly there are no special features included on Beethoven’s Treasure Tail, but the Blu-ray package does include a standard DVD and Digital HD download copy.

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