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All-New on DVD: Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon

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Clocking in at a mere 57 minutes, it may be a stretch to call this a feature-length film, but the target demographic for Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon probably won’t mind. The DVD will be available beginning September 2. Aimed at young kids, The Lost Dragon carries on in the fantasy vein of 2013’s Tom and Jerry’s Giant Adventure. Here Tom and Jerry are first seen as babies, adopted and raised by the daughter of a powerful, banished witch Drizelda (voiced by Vicki Lewis).

Years later, still living with Athena (voiced by Kelly Stables), the now-young adult witch's daughter, Tom and Jerry find a dragon egg. The newly-hatched dragon, Puffy (also Stables), mistakes Tom as his mother. Off they all go on an adventure to try and reunite the lost dragon with its birth mother. Of course Athena’s banished mom comes back into play before the breezy story reaches its conclusion. Blue-skinned townspeople stand in opposition to the enraged witch, while Tom and Jerry occasionally recede into the background of their own movie (though not as badly as in Giant Adventure).

Athena gets a sub-Disney showcase song, as does her mother. The Lost Dragon is proudly retro in its old school, analog look. Static backgrounds and minimal change in characters’ facial expressions signal Dragon’s also-ran status. But there’s also a certain charm inherent in seeing such an unabashedly old fashioned production surfacing in 2014 (so old fashioned, I poked around to see if this was actually an older, unreleased project but I found nothing to support that thought).

Wayne Knight (Newman on Seinfeld) and Laraine Newman (of SNL fame) add their voices to the supporting cast. A quartet of bonus shorts (all previously available) add a little extra value to the package, as does the included glossy-covered activity and sticker booklet.

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