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Blind Item Solved: Yes, It Was Lisa Vanderpump

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Congratulations to TMR commenter Kellie, websites Blind Gossip and Generation Gossip, and anyone else for solving my blind item about a TV wife knowing all about her husband’s secret son. It wasn’t too hard and I’m amazed that other blind item sites didn’t unravel it earlier.

When Lisa Vanderpump said on one episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that her life is an open book and she has nothing to hide, I took one look at her husband and thought, “Bet you have, Ken!” Having discovered his secret son, Warren Bradley Todd, though publicly available records, I spotted that Warren had been at his half-sister Pandora Todd’s wedding, shown on RHOBH, and actually danced with stepmother Lisa. I had no idea then that Bravo were to follow this story-line up with a sequence at Warren’s St Tropez home in the third series. Warren happens to be a big pal of actor Liam Neeson who also holidays with Warren and family in the South of France.

One possible reason that no one previously rumbled the Ken-Warren connection is that Warren was born in April 1966 when Ken was still only 20 years old. Ken, who was born on July 17, 1945, had married model Pamela Wilson in autumn 1965. The couple split when their son was small. Lisa has claimed that Ken reared Warren with the help of his mother, but pictures on Pamela’s Facebook clearly show she was — and still is — very much part of her son’s life, and that of her daughter-in-law, Sue, and grandson, Ryan.

Lisa met Warren when he was fifteen and she was 21, sixteen years younger than Ken. By coincidence, Warren’s wife, Sue, is sixteen years older than her husband and it took some time for this reverse age difference to be accepted by Ken and Lisa. Sue and Pamela can only be a few years apart and in many pictures they look like sisters. In her mid-60s, Pamela is still a stunning looking woman. So Ken married two beautiful women at different times in his life — Pamela at 20 and Lisa at 37.

I am a big Lisa fan; I had heard of her a long time before she became a reality TV star in RHOBH. She is one clever lady who has designed clubs and homes with rare style. I must have been one of the first (if not the first) to feature her book Simply Divine in my item "Everything Happens at Once for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Lisa Vanderpump." Lisa’s book is gorgeous — full of pictures, recipes and tips with family reminiscences. Now what does that remind me of? Ah, yes, Pippa Middleton’s much criticised Celebrate, published a year later. It was just over-stuffed with similar material, for which I blame Pippa’s publishers for not editing it down to a manageable size.

Back to Lisa: among the many gems in Simply Divine is the claim that she used to know a butler engaged in royal service. (Not Paul Burrell, I hope!) On one of the RHOBH shows Lisa said she had dinner with the Duchess of York. Oh Lisa, it should be the Duchess of York bragging that she had dinner with you; you have made your own fortune while Fergie has traded on her royal name and little else since she married Prince Andrew in 1986.

Lisa has led a fascinating life; there should be a queue of biographers lining up to write The Lisa Vanderpump Story. I’d love to hear about her years as an actress, her time with Ken in London, the Cotswolds, Monaco, the South of France and Los Angeles. With her starring roles on television and the promise of another Hollywood eatery, P.U.M.P. Lounge, Lisa will surely be a big name for years to come.

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