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British Cult Fave Trinity: The Complete First Season Now on DVD

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Eagle Rock Entertainment has recently made Trinity: The Complete First Season available as a three-disc DVD set. It could’ve easily been called “The Only Season,” as the British series lasted just eight episodes. The comedic, soap opera-esque program originally aired on the ITV2 network from September to November of 2009. The setting is the fictional institution of Trinity College, where a secret society called The Dandelion Club is populated by the upper echelon of the student body. Charlotte Arc (Antonia Bernath) enrolls at the college in hopes of uncovering the mystery behind the death of her father, Richard (Nick Sidi), who was previously a professor at Trinity.

Trinity’s mix of quirky humor, sexual bawdiness, and spirited cast (including Charles Dance as the supremely creepy college dean, Dr. Maltravers) earned the series a dedicated following, if not high enough ratings to ensure additional episodes. It’s definitely not for everyone. The densely-plotted episodes are, at times, a bit hard to follow and the many intertwining characters are generally unlikable and unsympathetic.

A pair of stoner dudes, Angus (Mark Wood) and Raj (Arnab Chanda), provides some easy, broad comic relief. But the very British-oriented idiosyncrasies that pepper the series, not to mention the sometimes unbalanced genre-mashing combination of drama, comedy and thriller elements, are just as likely to turn off potential new viewers as it is to grab their attention.

Trinity’s popular rowing champ Ross Bonham (David Oakes) is murdered fairly early, setting forth a complex mystery that quickly deepens throughout the remaining episodes. As the plucky new warden Dr. Angela Donne, Claire Skinner has some nice moments opposite the imposing Charles Dance. Antonia Bernath is consistently strong as the atypical Trinity outsider who is intent on destroying the Dandelion Club. Also an outsider is the “fresher” Theo (Reggie Yates), hailing from a much lower financial class than the rest of Trinity’s elite.

Bonus features include several behind-the-scenes featurettes, totaling approximately 55 minutes. One such piece involves cast member Christian Cooke (who portrays Dandelion Club president Dorian Gaudain) offering his own personal look at the production. Unless you’re already a fan, Trinity: The Complete First Season is a “try before you buy” type of show—know what you’re getting into before plunking down upwards of $30 for this set.

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