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David Hayter's Wolves - Now on DVD and Digital HD

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Screenwriter David Hayter (X-Men, X2, The Scorpion King, Watchmen) makes his directorial debut with Wolves, now available on DVD, iTunes, and Digital HD from Ketchup Entertainment. Wolves, which co-stars Jason Momoa (Stargate: Atlantis, Game of Thrones), takes the standard werewolf genre in an exciting new direction. As stated in the press notes by executive producer Benedict Carver, “Traditionally in film, werewolves are depicted as crazed, mangy creature with no brains so that was David’s main departure from what had gone before.”

Cayden Motorcycle (380x230).jpgA quick synopsis: Hip high schooler Cayden Richards (Lucas Till) awakens after a terrible dream, though it soon becomes clear he is basically experience the nightmare for real. Cayden is morphing into something scarily wild. Taking to the streets after his parents meet a grisly death, Cayden strives to uncover of the mystery of what he’s become. Only in the mountainous town of Lupine Ridge does he encounter other people like him—including gorgeous Angelina (Merritt Patterson), a female who finds herself stuck in the middle with two ancient clans of “wolves” on either side. Cayden needs to discover a way to rescue the love of his life, but there’s only one way to do so once he realizes the unbelievable truth behind his ancestry.

Werewolf silhouette (186x280).jpg“We are not calling this a werewolf movie because these are just wolves,” explains Hayter in the Wolves press materials, “They are our inner wolf nature coming out. They are not a negative force.”

Hayter conducted extensive research prior to production, viewing countless werewolf movies as well as documentaries about wolves. He also studied the differences between humans and wolves. The creatures presented in Wolves are a departure from those found in similar creature features. “Instead of ugly, hairy, insane monsters,” Hayter explains, “we infused the creatures in this film with the nature of a true wolf… This film is similar to the Superman story in that Cayden, taken away as an infant and raised by parents who instilled in him basic moral values, comes back to his birthplace, which is wild and out of control and somewhat mad, and he brings that higher nature back to them. In a way, he comes to this town and he shows them what it’s like to really be a true wolf.”

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