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Dunkin Donuts Worker Busted For Offering "Extra Sugar" -- Yes It's What You Think

A cop walks into a donut shop...

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A Rockaway, NJ Dunkin Donuts worker was busted for offering "adult services" to late night customers.

Mine Hill resident Melissa Redmond, is facing prostitution charges after area police officers, acting on a tip, busted the donut shop worker for offering customers services off the menu. The services were of a sexual nature, and they were being performed during unscheduled breaks at work during her overnight shift.

Detective Kyle Schwarzmann received an "anonymous" tip that Redmond would offer customers non-donut related services using the code word "extra sugar."  Schwarzmann, using under cover survellience observed Redmond visiting customer's cars during her shift for short periods of time, both in the parking lot, or leaving with the customers to another location.  The detective also stated he'd observed money being exchanged.

Schwarzmann then used the drive thru window to engage Redmond and her clandestine services, and managed over the course of a couple attempts to ascertain the nature of said services.  Redmond was busted and Dunkin Donuts has thus far made no comment on the "extra sugar" services.

Dunkin Donuts, it's worth the trip... to jail!

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