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Lost Dentures Bust Purse Thief in Brazil

Taking a bite out of crime.

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A purse thief in Brazil might have remained on the loose if he hadn’t lost his dentures. The robber, identified as Milton Cesar de Jesus, snatched a handbag from Silvina Julieta in the southeastern town of Severini on Friday. Reports state that a homeless man witnessed the theft and found a set of dentures at the scene of the crime.

The witness gave police a description of the robber who they identified as 34-year-old Milton Cesar de Jesus. Investigators showed up at the home of de Jesus for questioning and noticed he was missing most of his front teeth.

"He was told to put on the dentures and they fit perfectly. You couldn't say they weren't his," town commissioner Aparecido Martins said.

The accused was left without his false teeth once again as police had taken the dentures into custody as evidence.

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