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Feuding Neighbors Treated to One Finger Salute Sculpture

Is the middle finger how you say hello in Australian?

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Melbourne - A once quiet neighborhood has turned into a battle ground after two of its residents had a altercation resulting in an assault charge, and a fine of $700.

According to the report in the Herald Sun, the 18-month long feud began when one neighbor, Mr. Washbourne, asked his next door neighbor to refrain from using his leaf-blower as it was blowing dust and debris into his garage. Instead of politely refraining from such thoughtless behavior, he instead, headbutted Mr. Washbourne, shoulder-charged his wife Judy, and put the leaf-blower in their faces. RUDE.

The police paid the man a visit to follow up on the assault, and at the time was asked to turn down his music.  Staying true to form, he declined their request.  In the aftermath of the various tits-for-tats, the offending neighbor has now taken his "reign of terror" to artform, and created a chainsawed wood sculpture of a middle finger.  Naturally, it is pointed at the his own house. Perhaps he's being ironic, or, possibly, he's a dumbass.  Either way, its makes for a lovely addition to the once peaceful neighborhood of Frogmore Cres, Park Orchards.

Perhaps it's just my skewed perception, but Australia's slowly becoming the world's very own Florida -- full of loonies, crackpots and crazies.

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