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Lindsay Lohan Looks Ancient, In Case You Hadn't Noticed

Dermatologists the world over collectively gasp.

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Pictures recently surfaced of Lindsay Lohan, 25, and her 17-year-old sister Ali emerging from a salon, both looking incredibly worse for the wear. Ali's face, once fresh and stunningly beautiful, looks frozen and waxen. Lindsay looks...well, like Lindsay. Below, a compilation of some of the worst (or best...) pictures of LiLo looking a solid two decades older than her years.50-year-old Housewife of Beverly Hills Lindsay:

45-year-old Lindsay donning a furry pink bathrobe in public:

Who looks better? 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan, or 73-year-old Jane Fonda?

Lindsay and her twin, Dina:

Need we wax philosophical about the hardships of alcohol, drugs, and hard-partying? Parents, if you want to sufficiently scare your teenagers into a life of chastity and purity, show them a few pics of LiLo. The face of hardcore partying isn't's decrepit.

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