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Now on Blu-ray: Girls: The Complete Sixth Season - aka The Final Season

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It began in 2012 on HBO, quickly rising to the level of certifiable TV phenomenon. Lena Dunham's Girls has eased gradually from 'water cooler talk' status, but throughout six seasons it has maintained a devoted following. The final ten episodes of Girls are currently available on Blu-ray and DVD from HBO Home Entertainment as The Final Season.

While certainly not for all tastes, this sixth season of Girls continued the show's run as a critical favorite. In fact, the final season represents an uptick in positive response from reviewers, with a 93% "Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Guardian's Kate Abbott helps typify the voice of approval among the critics' community, summarizing her feelings on the final season thusly: "Whatever else you may think about it, Lena Dunham's show has given many millennial women a mirror."


1) "All I Ever Wanted"

2) "Hostage Situation"

3) "American Bitch"

4) "Painful Evacuation"

5) "Gummies"

6) "Full Disclosure"

7) "The Bounce"

8) "What Will We Do This Time About Adam?"

9) "Goodbye Tour"

10) "Latching"
rsz_girls_the_final_season_bd.jpg As has been the case with previous season of Girls, HBO Home Entertainment's Blu-ray offers great visuals. As long as you've watched the series in its full 1080i broadcast resolution it isn't going to look a whole lot different. But some fans don't have access to HBO and rely on the home video release, in which case they can expect a well-defined image framed at 1.85:1.

Also par for the course is the Blu-ray set's DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround mixes for each episode. Girls isn't exactly Game of Throne in terms of sound design, but it's mix of dialogue, music, and everyday effects is as well-balanced as on previous seasons.

The Final Season manages to up the ante for bonus material after The Complete Fifth Season dropped the ball (with only "Inside the Episodes" featurettes and deleted scenes). Here, spread over the set's two discs, we find more of those "Inside" mini-featurettes (totally 17 minutes on disc one, 21 minutes on disc two), one for each episode. Four highlights reels, one each for Shoshanna, Jessa, Hannah, and Marnie, offer "Favorite Moments" from throughout the entire series' run.

Best is "A Goodbye To Girls," a two-part featurette that totals 35 minutes. This is an absorbing piece that charts the whole run, from the series' inception to the impact it has had on television and pop culture in general. Great piece for fans.

As an era comes to a close, show creator Lena Dunham moves onward—and Girls ends while its still ahead. The sixth and final season has netted the series four Primetime Creative Arts Emmy nominations: Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series (Becky Ann Baker), Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series (both Riz Ahmed and Matthew Rhys), and Outstanding Music Supervision (Manish Raval, Jonathan Leahy, and Tom Wolfe). To see if Girls caps its run with any Emmy wins, watch the 69th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony September 16, 2017 on FXX.

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