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Now on DVD: Teen Wolf - Season 4

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As fans of MTV's Teen Wolf are already well aware, the fifth season of Jeff Davis' popular series is currently underway. If you consider yourself an honorary wolfpack member and don't have an up-to-date home video collection, snag the three-disc DVD edition of Teen Wolf - Season 4, now available from co-distributors MGM and 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment. All 12 episodes, plus a selection of bonus materials, were released back in June—just weeks ahead of the fifth season premiere.

The ferocious creatures that have consistently thrilled viewers throughout the series' history are spotlighted in the all-new featurette "The Beasts of Beacon Hills." Additionally, Season 4 viewers will find the featurette "The Visual Effects Behind 'The Dark Moon'," gag reel, and "The Shirtless Montage Strikes Again."

Anyone partial to series' cast member Tyler Hoechlin will find Season 4 particularly meaningful. His ever-popular character Derek Hale has been downgraded for the new, fifth season, reduced from a series regular to a recurring character. Dylan Sprayberry (the teen Clark Kent in Man of Steel) portrays recurring character Liam Dunbar in the fourth season. He has graduated to the main cast in the on-going fifth season. For what it's worth, there's no getting around that season five's ratings, so far, have been down. The Teen Wolf fan base needs to step up its game in support of the show, it would seem.

Teen Wolf airs Monday nights on MTV, visit the official website for more information.

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