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Juice up Samsung's Galaxy Tab I and II With This 4-in-1 Adapter

A brief look at Juiced Systems' accessory for older Samsung Galaxy tablets.

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Images courtesy of Juiced Systems

This versatile adapter from Juiced Systems is designed for use with first and second generation models of Samsung's Galaxy Tab slates. It plugs into the charging socket and provides similar connectivity options to the same company's Microsoft Surface 5-in-1 Adapter, which we review here.

As well as a USB port there is a slot for an SD card, a MicroSD card and a mini-USB cable. With the adapter plugged into the charging port of a Galaxy Tab you can directly access documents, music and video files on these storage media, a thumb drive or an external hard drive that doesn’t require its own power source. Compatible USB keyboards can also be attached to make typing less of a chore than it might be with the onscreen keys.


Unlike the Surface Adapter, this one also lets you charge a tablet through the micro-USB input. Hence, you can fuel up while accessing external media and if you lose your original charging cable you can use a micro-USB cable if you have one already.


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