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Mission Accomplished by Edge of Tomorrow's Blu-ray Extras

Tom Cruise's blockbuster sci-fi war film lands with a bang on Blu-ray on October 7.

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The action blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise, lands on Blu-ray in North America on October 7. Thanks to the combination of Doug Liman's gritty direction and a smart time travel story, the movie re-establishes Cruise's sci-fi credentials after the underwhelming Oblivion.

Warner Home Video's Blu-ray release is available in 3D and 2D formats and comes as a customary combo-pack that includes the film on DVD and an Ultraviolet code. In addition to the movie itself, there is also a modest collection of extras that will provide the casual fan with a reasonably detailed look at the making of the film.

The standout feature is a 45-minute long documentary called "On the Edge with Doug Liman." This has plenty of behind-the-scenes footage of Liman in meetings, rehearsals and directing battle sequences on the London sets. Through comments captured on set and in interviews in the studio, it creates the impression of a movie that posed significant logistical challenges; not the least of these was was having to complete casting and get shooting underway with an unfinished script.


The numerous interviewees, who include Liman, Cruise, Emily Blunt and second unit director Simon Crane, also comment on what it was like to work with each other. Although, inevitably, this is largely complimentary, it doesn't feel over-the-top. Moreover, the praise is tempered by Liman's honest admissions about his approach to filming and others' comments about his personality.

Along with this documentary are two shorter featurettes covering the creation of the film's aliens and the 120-pound exosuits that many of the actors had to endure. In addition there are some deleted scenes and an alternate take of one of the film's major sequences.

What is missing from the BD's extras is an audio commentary. Nonetheless, there should be enough here to satisfy most of Edge of Tomorrow's fans.

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