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The Beatles Capitol Records Collection - The U.S. Albums - Available 01/21/2014

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Prior to 1967, Capitol Records regularly reshuffled The Beatles’ U.K. releases in order to generate more product. Beginning with the original 1987 CD releases, the U.K. versions became the recognized standard worldwide. But many American fans, reared on titles like Something New and Beatles ‘65, have long wished the U.S. configurations would be reissued. Their wishes were partially granted in 2004 and ’06 with two volumes of The Capitol Albums. But those awkwardly-packaged boxes didn’t contain all the albums (plus a mastering error marred the first pressings of Vol. 2; instead of the original mono mixes of Beatles VI and Rubber Soul, the discs contained fold-downs of the stereo mixes).

January 21, 2014 will see the release of the complete Capitol albums collection, the 13-disc box set The U.S. Albums. Eleven of the 13 were originally issued in mono as well as stereo, and the discs will contain both versions. For a limited time, all but one album will be available as a standalone release. The lone exception, the spoken-word audio documentary The Beatles’ Story, will be exclusive to the box set. In addition to the physical box, a Mastered for iTunes edition is being concurrently released (now available for preorder exclusively on iTunes).

Beatles group shot.jpgThe release of the U.S. albums is timed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first U.S. visit, which began February 7, 1964.

Included in The U.S. Albums box set:

Meet the Beatles! (1964)

The Beatles’ Second Album (1964)

A Hard Day’s Night (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1964) - First time on CD

Something New (1964)

The Beatles’ Story [Stereo only] (1964) - First time on CD

Beatles ‘65 (1964)

The Early Beatles (1965)

Beatles VI (1965)

Help! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1965)

Rubber Soul (1965)

Yesterday and Today (1966) - First time on CD

Revolver (1966) - First time on CD

Hey Jude [Stereo only] (1970) - First time on CD

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