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New to DVD: The Beginner's Bible - Vol. Two Due June 9; Vol. One Now Available

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From StarVista Entertainment/Time Life comes The Beginner’s Bible - Vol. Two, due on DVD June 9, 2015. These animated stories offer an introduction to Bible studies for young viewers. The Today Show personality Kathie Lee Gifford sings the original title song. Volume two runs approximately 90 minutes and brings three stories to animated life on DVD: “The Story of Noah’s Ark,” “The Story of Creation,” and “The Story of David and Goliath.”

Official Synopsis (courtesy of StarVista Entertainment/Time Life):

The Story of Noah's Ark: Meet the faithful Noah and his family as they learn of the great flood about to fall upon the Earth-and of God's commandment that Noah build a huge, seagoing ark. Then prepare for the most exciting voyage of all time as an incredible parade of animals arrives two by two, the storm clouds gather and it begins to rain...and rain...and rain...”

The Story of Creation: Journey back to the beginning of the world as God brings forth the Earth, fills its waters and lands with plants and animals and, finally, crowns His creation with the first man and woman. Then join Adam and Eve as they explore the Earthly paradise of the Garden of Eden-and discover what happens when they accept a serpent's offer of forbidden fruit!”

Beginners Bible Vol 2 cover (266x380).jpgThe Story of David and Goliath: Preparing to battle the mighty Philistines, the soldiers of Israel suddenly find themselves facing a foe none of them dares to fight: the huge warrior-giant, Goliath! Now, learn how a little shepherd boy named David discovers the courage to face this awesome enemy, armed only with a tiny slingshot-and his unshakable faith in God!”

Volume one of The Beginner’s Bible was issued on DVD by StarVista Entertainment/Time Life on March 3, 2015. That 90-minute collection of animated stories includes: “The Story of Easter,” “The Story of Moses,” and “The Story of Nativity.” The Beginner’s Bible - Vol. One is currently available on DVD at Amazon and elsewhere.

Beginners Bible Vol 1 cover (254x380).jpg

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