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Prince Harry Hooking Up with Tatted Cocktail Waitress? Not Bloody Likely!!

A fling for Prince Harry? Sure. But this is not his future Princess.

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Prince Harry may be the rakish royal ginge we love to gossip about, but even he must adhere to certain standards.

Over the weekend reports surfaced that Prince Harry was smitten with San Diego bottle girl Jessica Donaldson after the two met at while she was working a tony hotel in the SoCal. Harry is participating in Apache training at the El Centro Naval Air Facility, where he arrived two weeks ago.

jessica-donaldson-pic-splash-262027116.jpgWhile some are comparing Jessica to Harry's pristine sister-in-law Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, both of whom possess lovely brown hair and slender frames, the comparisons should end there.

Kate was practically born and bred to be a princess from birth to wealthy parents, educated at the finest schools and kept herself "unsullied" for Prince William. Jessica, while certainly a pretty girl, sports an enormous and ornate tattoo running down her mid-section, works as a cocktail waitress and lives with her "hulking" nightclub promoter boyfriend.

The Mirror interviewed Donaldson (in the presence of her boyfriend) and while she declares she and Harry did indeed meet up for a couple of "dates," she is emphatic that nothing intimate took place between them.

“We hung out, had breakfast, talked and I thought how cool it was to be with an English prince. Harry had scrambled eggs.

“Then we  went on  to   a Mexican restaurant and drank cocktails in   the sun. Harry drank fruity cocktails and ate chips and salsa. He was joking about the weather and how much better it was than in England. He is a guy who doesn’t want to be treated differently even though he’s a prince, but, of course, people do treat him different.”

When Jessica was asked about a picture of her and Harry possibly kissing while out on their group date, she was quick to reply, “No, no, that wasn’t me. It must have been another girl. I am sure Harry has lots of girls.”

Her boyfriend, Brandon Thomason admits there was a "heated" discussion between the two when he found out about her meeting up with Harry, but stated,

“When I first saw the pictures I talked to her and she assured me nothing went on. She told me they didn’t kiss and I believe her.

“She said he leaned in to talk to her and it was just the angle of the camera that made it look like a kiss. We both work in the nightclub ­business and you have to trust each other. If I didn’t believe her I wouldn’t be here now.”

I love the British tabloids as much as the next person, and they are creative for sure, but let's take a second and think about this. Is Prince Harry, third in line to the throne, really going to marry (or even seriously date) a commoner of such, well, commonness? Certainly not! I just can't imagine the Queen accepting a girl with tattoos who works a waitress in a cocktail bar as a suitable mate for her grandson. Not even in these modern times is such a pairing going to work.

Prince Harry is a playboy, and a bit of a tease. He might flirt with girls of all backgrounds, but when the time comes for him to settle down (not anytime soon I'd wager) it will be with a proper girl of proper standing. Prince Harry's just sowing his oats, and who better to sow them with than fun-loving American girls who have no hope of landing such a unique prince?

No offense, Jessica, but to marry a prince, you must plan ahead.

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