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Which Famous Man Is Psychologically Dependent on Another?

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This is a very famous man, known all over the world. Very rich. Very spoilt. Very privileged. He’s married, happily, according to some. But there is a man in his life that he cannot let go. They are not lovers, although rumours have linked them together. It’s not even a bromance, yet our man has become psychologically dependent on his man. As someone who has professionally observed the relationship tells me, "Dependency is like love — a very powerful emotion. Love can be blind and extreme dependency can too. He sees what he wants to see. The other man can be Superman in his eyes.”

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Margaret Holder has been writing about the Royal Family in newspapers and magazines for thirty years. She also broadcasts frequently on the BBC, both radio and television. She reckons she has now written more royal documentaries than anyone else in the world. Some are still being shown on channels in…

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