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Which Famous Woman Parades Both Her Husbands?

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This Famous Woman has had lots of male admirers — which is surprising as she is rather lacking in the looks department. But she has other credentials that might make up for her unattractive appearance and under that stern exterior lies an unexpectedly hot-blooded creature.

Even so, men must show masculine meekness, as the two who married her soon found out. After one divorce, she maintains good links with her ex but gossip surrounds her second union. Are her domestic circumstances all they seem and do she and husband #2 actually lead separate lives?

Whatever goes on behind closed doors, our Famous Woman likes to show that there is no ill will between the two husbands and sometimes parades them together, as one wag puts it, ‘like two prize studs at a horse fair’.

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Margaret Holder has been writing about the Royal Family in newspapers and magazines for thirty years. She also broadcasts frequently on the BBC, both radio and television. She reckons she has now written more royal documentaries than anyone else in the world. Some are still being shown on channels in…

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