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Man Fired from Grave Digging Job for Ill Advised Air Guitar Performance

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This dude, Christpher Redd of Clifton, Colorado, allegedly rocked some air guitar of highly questionable taste back in July, standing atop a casket in a freshly dug grave and using his shovel to pound out power chords.

Now, this might have all gone unnoticed by the living if he hadn't recorded the affront on his cellphone and uploaded it to his Facebook page. Possible charges include "desecration of venerated objects," a class one misdemeanor, according to the Mesa County Sheriff’s Department.

In a report filed with the department, screenshots of the Facebook page were provided as well as a DVD that features said video, which included "music [that] had been attached to the video and Redd sang that he was a monster.”

In a follow up report today in the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Redd said the video was a botched attempt to win tickets in a lip-sync contest for this weekend’s Rock Jam festival. “It was an empty concrete vault, and it was done before the [funeral] service,” Redd added.

Ah, that's quite a bit less sinister, though still pretty stupid. Rock on, Christopher Redd.

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