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What the Heck Was Army Wives' Kim Delaney On?

If Lindsay Lohan had a future in entertainment, it would look something like this.

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In a video circulating the web, a disheveled, confused and barely coherent Kim Delaney delivered a speech last night during a ceremony to honor former Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Well, I suppose we should clarify that. She tried to deliver a speech, but instead spoke of her time in the military serving her country, how she comforts army wives who've lost their husbands, helps returning vets cope with injuries and PTSD, and attended the funeral of her best friend's son. Except wait, that's her character on Army Wives, not the real life Kim Delaney.

After the audience sat through one too many awkward pauses, painful silence, and the rambling of a woman who was clearly on something, Delaney was escorted from the podium.

Anyone who's familiar with Kim Delaney, shouldn't be surprised; she's had a long history of alcohol problems, including two stints in rehab and a 2002 DUI arrest. She pled no contest to that charge.

While Kim's rep has not commented on the embarrassing display, event organizers are claiming that there was an issue with the teleprompter. Which, when translated for us lay people, means: Kim was on something, and seriously, she could really use a comb.

This is honestly just sad. At her age and with her history, she should be happy to have a paying gig and really needs to get her shiz together.

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