Anderson, Leave Paris Alone!

Should the name Anderson Cooper and Paris Hilton even be used in the same sentence?

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Anderson Cooper went off on Paris Hilton Monday night on his CNN show. Check out the video below, because he really nailed her good.

Noting that Hilton promised a new, more mature Paris on her Oxygen reality show The World According to Paris, Cooper went on to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that she's still the same old vapid lightweight that we've always known and loved.

Way to go Cooper. Thank God, someone is talking truth to power over there on CNN. The phrase "shooting fish in a barrel" didn't come to mind at all during your take down?

But wait a second - didn't some of those hilarious clips come from the CNN show, Piers Morgan Tonight? If she's such a danger to all that is good and decent in the world, then why did CNN spend a whole hour with her?

Despite what Reese Witherspoon may feel, the genius of Paris Hilton has always been readily apparent. She's made a small fortune off of a fascinated world that not only envies her, but does so with disdain. Aside from her good looks and wealth, who among us doesn't feel superior and more deserving of a reality show? There's a market out there for a vapid, blonde socialite and Paris continues to knock it out of the park. Is it really that cutting edge to make fun of someone when they know exactly how ridiculous they are?

C'mon Anderson, we're fighting two wars, the entire Middle East is about to blow a gasket, unemployment is through the roof, gas prices are sky high, and Sarah Palin is thrilling deluded lunatics across the country daily with her home spun version of American History. You're a CNN anchor, not Chelsea Handler. Is this really the best that you can do?

Paris knows that she's a farce. Oxygen is paying her to continue to be so. Weren't there any other insects for you to squash over at CNN Monday? Did the euphoria of all the Andrew Wiener jokes suddenly make you think what you were a late night talk show host and not a CNN anchor? Anderson thinks he's satirizing Paris, but really all he's doing is acknowledging that her show is funnier than his.

The thing is Anderson. Paris was totally beneath you and your world, but then again, not any more.

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