Celebrity Causes: Larry The Cable Guy's Git-R-Done Foundation

With a focus on children's charities, especially that of hip dysplasia, Larry The Cable Guy's foundation 'gets it done.'

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My wife Cara and I formed the The Git-R-Done Foundation in 2009 and it currently focuses on the needs of children's charities.

One donation, to The Arnold Palmer Hospital, came from an extremely personal experience with our son, Wyatt. He was born with hip dysplasia, a common condition, but we quickly found out how little universal information, care, prevention and awareness was available on hip dysplasia. You can imagine how difficult it is to hear that "it happens sometimes" and that it "might correct itself."  As new parents, that was the last thing that we wanted to hear. Through our research we heard of the Pavlik Harness, a common correctional device, but due to his smaller six-pound birth weight, we would literally have to tape him into the harness.

We continued our own research and asked all the questions that any parent would ask to ensure their child would live a normal life. We were floored that no one had information. We wanted facts, figures, percentages; instead we got "hit or miss" treatments. For something so common, why are there no answers? Why isn't there a harness for Wyatt's size? When is it too late to start treatment? Will he need surgery?

After our frustration over lack of answers, we took another blow when we came to find that Wyatt's hip dysplasia had actually gotten worse! We were finally directed to The Arnold Palmer Hospital, home of some of the top minds in hip dysplasia. Wyatt was fitted into a new Pavlik Harness, without tape, and even re-sewn to adjust for his condition. We had to overcome many hurdles with the lack of universal information out there, but we are happy to say that Wyatt is now running around just being a normal kid!

The donation to The Arnold Palmer Hospital established The International Hip Dysplasia Institute to bring together the top minds on hip dysplasia and the Wyatt Whitney Hip and Musculoskeletal Center to have a centralized location for research, care and prevention of hip dysplasia. The IHDI continues to work on the awareness of proper swaddling and creating hip safe products that can prevent and cure hip dysplasia. An international website was created to act as a hub for doctors from around the world get up-to-date information regarding hip dysplasia. The IHDI also uses social networks such as Facebook, to act as a source not only for information, but also as a place for families to meet and discuss the emotional ups and downs of hip dysplasia. Go to the IHDI's website for more information on hip dysplasia and the efforts of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Through The Git-R-Done Foundation, we also donated funds to open The Alexis Verzal Children's Rehabilitation Hospital at Madonna in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was named for Alexis Verzal, who suffered a brain injury at her day care when she was just one year old. The new hospital features highly specialized technology to help children and teens overcome the devastating effects of brain injury, spinal cord injury or other disabling injuries and illnesses.

The Child Advocacy Center, a wonderful organization that helps abused and neglected children in Southeast Nebraska also benefited from The Git-R-Done Foundation in 2009. It allowed them to finish construction on a larger home providing a safe place for child victims to talk about abuse in a private and confidential setting with highly skilled professionals.  

Larry hosts The Git-R-Done Celebrity Golf Classic, with The Arnold Palmer Hospital and IHDI as benefactors of the event. If you would like more information on The Git-R-Done Foundation, please visit The Git-R-Done Foundation's website.

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Comedian Larry the Cable Guy and his wife, Cara, formed the The Git-R-Done Foundation in 2009, and currently focus on the needs of children’s charities. One donation, to The Arnold Palmer Hospital, came from an extremely personal experience with their son, Wyatt. He was born with hip dysplasia, a common…

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