13 Strange Celebrity Superstitions to Celebrate Friday the 13th

You better knock on wood.

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In honor of Friday the 13th, here are 13 strange celebrity superstitions rumored on the internet.

1) Cameron Diaz

Ms. Diaz likes to carry good luck charms. One necklace in particular was given to her by a friend and is meant to ward off the effects of aging. She must have misplaced the charm because I watched the movie Knight and Day recently and the scriptwriters weren't the only ones with tired lines. Small children could fall into those cracks.

2) Richard Gere

This officer, and a gentleman, believes in the healing properties of crystals. Gere is also a follower of Wabi-sabi, a Japanese belief system of simple and economic living. He studies this system while sitting by the pool of his $24 million dollar Beverly Hills mansion. On a completely separate note, I once had a gerbil named Carl.

3) Jessica Simpson

Jessica was apparently a bad luck charm to her football player ex-boyfriend, Tony Romo. Romo was once quoted as saying he has trouble focusing on his game when Jessica is in the stands. Coincidentally, Jessica has trouble focusing everywhere.

4) Chris Martin

Coldplay's front singer won't go on stage without brushing his teeth first. As he is British, he should probably get some kind of national award for this.

5) Natalie Portman

The Black Swan star doesn't want to do any 'baby stuff' until her unborn child actually arrives. When the baby arrives, she will tell the public that her child does all of its own acting and dancing and has had over twenty years experience being a baby.

6) Lindsay Lohan

This actress wears a $3,000 evil eye necklace as she believes it brings her good luck. We can assume she shoplifted this piece of jewelry after her decision to appear in Herbie Fully Loaded.

7) Meatloaf

The rock singer will not travel without his two teddy bears Marietta and Mandy. This isn't that unusual as many seek the comfort of something large, soft and furry, and Marietta and Mandy are no exception.

8) Lady Gaga

The self-professed queen of weird rules out casual sex so her partner doesn't steal her creativity. Like the fox denied its grapes in Aesop's Fables, whatever works for you Stefani.

9) David Thorne

This online satirist and author of The Internet is a Playground, strips naked, smears his body in jelly and runs around yelling "Look at me, I'm a small Indian girl" before sitting down at his computer to write. This is a true fact and if he denies it, he is lying.

10) Michael Jordan

The pro basketball player wore his North Carolina basketball shorts under his Bull's uniform his entire career. Jordan later went on to fulfill his dream of acting and appearing in the movie, Spacejam. A dream not unlike the one where you're sitting in class and realize you are only wearing your HanesĀ® underwear.

11) Paris Hilton

This socialite knocks on wood if someone says something she doesn't want to happen. The advantage of this for Paris is that she rarely finds herself in a position where wood is not readily available.

12) Christian Bale

The American Psycho actor said he laughs in the face of superstition and chooses to walk under ladders rather than avoiding them. Which is fine by me. No really Christian, it's fine. Whatever you say. Please don't yell at me.

12b) Axl Rose

The Guns N' Roses singer will not perform a concert in any city that begins with the letter "M" as he believes that the letter is cursed. Following several unsuccessful Guns N' Roses reunion and touring attempts, Axl has now added cities beginning with the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U,V, W, X, Y, and Z.

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