16-Year Old Child Bride Courtney Stodden Failed by Parents

There are just two people to blame for this marriage: mom and dad.

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This week's headline grabber about the minor actor who married a "minor" seemed so staged most people didn't think it was real. But it's really real, as in really gross, really disgusting and most of all, really wrong.

16-year old Courtney Alexis Stodden, former Ms. Ocean Shores, aspiring singer and future never-was married 51-year old Doug Hutchison, an actor best known for playing creepy bit parts (Green Mile, Lost). Hutchison met Stodden when he began managing her "entertainment" career through his production company, Dark Water (don't ask.)

The manager/talent relationship turned romantic and the two chose to get married, despite Courtney still being a minor, because of the long distance between their two homes (she in Washington, he in Hollywood.) They tied the knot in Las Vegas where minors are allowed to get married so long as a parent signs a consent form. See, right there's the problem: if you have to get a parent to sign a consent form, you probably shouldn't be making such a hasty decision.

Now, it should only take two milliseconds to see why Mr. Hutchison would want take Ms. Stodden as his bride: she's a virgin teen beauty queen for crying out loud, and he's a creepy, semi-effeminate pervert who likes underaged girls. This is a pretty easy one to figure out.

For Ms. Stodden to want to marry a man four years older than her dad, that probably took a few minutes to figure out, seeing as teenagers brains are still developing. From her vain, convoluted, beauty-driven viewpoint, Hutchison probably seemed like a big-time movie star with loads of cash, tons of Hollywood connections and his own pad. So she likely weighed the decision carefully: finish home-schooling, get a GED, go to college, work hard, pay her dues (take loads of singing lessons, 'cuz man, she NEEDS them) and try to make a go of it in the entertainment industry, OR marry a weirdo old man who has promised to make it all happen for her? See where this is headed?

To make matters worse, her parents raised NO OBJECTIONS to this union, they signed on to it and signed off on it and made it all happen for this perverse coupling. I am sure these kinds of unions happen in the Amish community, weirdo cults and places where women wear burqas, but they sure as hell shouldn't happen in regular suburban communities.

Who are Krista and Alex Stodden and why on earth would they allow their 16-year old daugher, a CHILD for crissakes, to marry this Svengaliesque figure? It's mind-boggling, nauseating and quite honestly, should be criminal behavior. I'd be interested in knowing if money exchanged hands or what kind of promises were made in exchange for their underage daughter's hand in marriage.

According to an interview with Fox News, Krista Stodden (Courtney's mother) states that she and her husband are thrilled to have sent their child off to live with a pentagenarian. Here's Krista's statements on the matter:

"We all needed a good man in our lives. After a while you don't look at the age. You look at the love they started to have towards each other.He became more than a number to us."

"He was her manager, and then as we got to know him, we got to see what kind of person he was. He just became a wonderful person in our eyes, and he's a great Christian man."

"I think probably because the distance, they didn't want to wait. They lived in different areas and, you know, they just wanted to be together and we supported her on that."

"She never thought that she would find the right person and when she found Doug, she said 'I never really wanted to get married but I found someone perfect for me and you never know what age you're going to find that person at.'"

"Courtney is used to this type of reaction towards her. She's a very beautiful girl and she stands out, because she's shockingly beautiful when you see her in person. She reads some of the negative things people wrote about her but she's strong."

"He's such a good person for our daughter and we are so comfortable with him and her because he is such a great man. They have a wonderful life together."

300.Hutchison.Stodden2.tg.062011.jpgThere's so much wrong with this picture, it's difficult to know where to begin. Brooke took a valiant stab at it, and Rachel put a humorous spin on it, however, from the media reports I've read there's far too much blame being placed on Courtney, and not nearly enough on her outrageously negligent, irresponsible, fame-hungry parents. What responsible, loving, caring, concerned parent encourages this kind of decision? The buck should have stopped with them. In no way would a parent who cared one iota about their child agree to allow her to quit pursuing her education, leave her home and go live with a man 35 years her senior.

Roman Polanksi approves of this parenting failure.

Where I come from, if a 51-year old man spends too much time with a 16-year old girl, law enforcement is called, jail time is served, communities are notified and children are warned. It sure as hell doesn't get published on People Magazine as a full page spread. But then again, that's Hollywood. If enough money/favors/promises are made, people can get ANYTHING they want, including 16-year old virgin brides.

Hooray for Hollywood!

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