Blake and Leo: Mother Knows Best

What happened when Ms.Lively met Mrs.DiCaprio?

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Some say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Some say it is less to do with what you rustle up in the kitchen, and more to do with how you sizzle in the bedroom. While it is a tad unlikely that "Gossip Girl" turned international fashion darling Blake Lively will be slaving over a hot stove for new love Leonardo Di Caprio, the alleged recent nude pictures of her give us a clue that she is probably not lacking in the other department. One area of her relationship she may be neglecting, however, is the one that every smart girl knows really holds the keys to her man’s heart: his mother.

leoandmodel.jpegAccording to UK weekly fashion magazine Grazia, Mamma DiCaprio was a “little frosty” when they met for the first time in LA last week. DiCaprio, who is known to be extremely close to his mother, was spotted soon after out in New York with model Anna Maria Jagodzinska. So, Blake, if you want to keep this new flame alive, let me whisper a piece of girly gossip in your ear: if the man is worth keeping, then his mother is worth charming.

Men who have good relationships with strong mothers make great life-partners. They have a healthy respect for women and can translate the strong maternal love they experienced into being great fathers. Plus, if you keep Mamma dearest on your side, you too can end up with a friend for life. My own mother-in-law is an absolute saint. Not only because she raised a man who is loving, fair and true, but also because she is currently impersonating a cross between a zany children’s entertainer and Mary Poppins, looking after my children so that I can witter on to you charming TMR readers.

On the other side of the pond, an example of getting off on the wrong foot with your future mother-in-law has become an overnight internet sensation. In what has become known as the “The Mrs Bourne Ultimatum”, a fiancĂ©e was barraged in a hard hitting email from her future mother-in-law for her "lack of manners" and overall "brash behavior". In this instance, you’d probably have to be related to a Middleton to win over this old dragon.


Blake could learn some lessons in the art of winning over Leo’s mother from some fellow celebrities. When Katie met Tom she had to get on the right side of his mother, Mary Lee South, who has been a constant presence in his life. Katie did the smart thing by waiting two years before reportedly ushering her out the door of the Beverly Hills family compound. Katie’s good friend Victoria Beckham also recognizes the importance of keeping David's mother on her side. Sandra Beckham is known to be frequently on hand in the Beckham household for a spot of babysitting.

After a whirlwind romance through the most glamorous cities in Europe, it seems that Blake and Leo have come down on U.S soil with a bit of a bump. If lunch with Mrs. DiCaprio didn’t go to plan, Blake, it is time to turn on the famous Lively charm. In this instance, I would avoid the ones on your camera phone and, instead, take some etiquette lessons from the Mrs. Bourne the ultimate m.i.l from h.e.l.

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