Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Have Perfectly Logical Reasons for Twin's Names

What's in name really?

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have revealed the names of their newborn fraternal twins, born on April 30. The couple made their decision following the purchase of African themed place mats and perusing the poster aisle at Target.

Actually, the couple had logical reasons for naming their newborn son Moroccan Scott (no, that is not a typo) and their daughter Monroe. Mariah has a Moroccan-themed room on the top level of her New York City apartment, where, coincidentally, Nick also asked for her hand in marriage.  They creatively call this area "The Moroccan Room." Nick's middle name and grandmother's maiden name is Scott.  Images below offered without commentary.


Daughter Monroe (no middle name because Mariah does not have one either) is named after the 1950s bombshell, Marilyn Monroe. As if having her middle name as "No middle name because Mariah does not have one either" isn't bad enough, why Monroe and not Marilyn? I mean Monroe is a very feminine name and doesn't sound at all like an Episcopalian member of Congress but it hardly screams diva.

If this approach to naming sets a precedent and I ever have twins, my son will be named 'Dusty Box Filled Room with A Flickering Light' and my daughter will be named 'Jane' because one child being ridiculed at school is enough to contend with.

Points go to Nick and Mariah for screwing up another generation of celebrity children who will never be able to blend in, even if they manage to avoid rehab. At least they didn't go so far as to name their children after fruit, or hat racks.

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