Naked Pics: Scarlett Johansson Could've Used Some of Her Own Advice

Scarlett should heed her own advice.

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First off, there are no "naked pics" here, so all you pervs can retreat back to your happy time corner elsewhere on the internet.

For the rest of us, this article is about recent naked pics of Scarlett Johansson leaking on the internet.  They didn't so much "leak," but rather were stolen from her phone during an illegal hack, but the results are the same: a naked, and always stunning, Scarlett Johansson.  While this may be good news to some, I am guessing Scarlett's pretty unhappy about it.

A few sources are questioning whether these were faked pics, but I've looked closely (not TOO closely) and I am pretty certain that these are legitimate pics of one of Hollywood's hottest stars.


What's so ironic about this particular situation, is a monologue Scarlett did while hosting SNL last fall.  In the monologue (which was strangely impossible to find anywhere on the net) Scarlett addressed her fellow young Hollywood starlets, and their constant presence in the tabloids. She did a little song called "Whatever Happened To Class" to drive her point home (also unavailable to embed -- so weird) and she comes off as a bit haughty, holier than thou and more than a little condescending.  Below is directly quoted from the monologue:

600full-scarlett-johansson.jpg"I try to stay out of the tabloids, I am not perfect but I have found a few simple ways for a young celebrity to stay out of the tabloids. For a start, wear underwear. Why wouldn't you? It takes seconds to put on and it's comfortable. Underwear - it's your friend. If you make a sex tape you are not allowed to act surprised when it ends up on the internet. Sex tapes are like takeaway soup containers, they always leak."

Don't get me wrong, I don't disagree with a word Scarlett said, in fact, I have been preaching this nonsense for years.  And while it wasn't a sex tape (thank heavens) it was clearly pics taken on a camera phone to be sent to SOMEONE for their enjoyment.  So, Scarlett, I have to ask you, "Why did you take naked pics on your phone when, as you said, they always leak?"

I like Scarlett, I think she's great. I will still continue to like Scarlett and I don't blame her for some slimy hacker (the same person being investigated by the FBI for hacking into Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens' phones) breaking the law and invading her privacy.  But I do blame her for thinking somehow she was immune to being targeted, therefore it was ok for her to practice the old, "Do as I say, not as I do" thing. I guarantee you those girls she was singling out are having a good laugh right now.

Now, if you are thinking that all girls in Hollywood do this, may I present you Exhibit A.  Julianne Hough had her phone hacked and NOT ONE pic was even marginally scandalous, so either Julianne Hough is a total prude, or she took Scarlett's advice.  Either way, the bottom line is the same, don't take pics you would be ashamed to see the light of day, because as Scarlett say, "They always leak!"

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