Sealed with a Diss: Joie Chavis Responds to Bow Wow's Letter & Drops a Bombshell of Her Own

The rapper's not the father he claims to be -- yet.

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She’s the baby mama behind the drama of Bow Wow’s shocking confession, and for the first time since the rapper’s letter went public, Joie Chavis is opening up about her relationship with Weezy, the day he met his daughter, and the birth certificate that’s got everybody buzzing. But according to the former video vixen, the rapper is less of a doting dad and more of a douchebag.

On his website, 24-year-old Bow Wow, born Shad Gregory Moss, made several digs at the mother of his three-month-old daughter, implying that it’s Chavis and her “bs” and “stupid games” that keep him from seeing his child as often as he’d like. Joie, however, paints a different picture of the former couple’s situation; revealing that six full days went by before the rapper came to see his “boo boo” after she was born via emergency C-section. Not exactly the diaper changing dad who miraculously turned into a man overnight and suddenly started treating his mother with respect.

So who’s really the one playing games?

“He’s getting all these props as Dad of the Year,” Chavis tells the Global Grind. “I just hope he does the work. In fact, I pray he becomes an example to all young fathers. I was happy to hear his statements; I just pray he lives up to it.”

In spite of the public slam, Joie - who claims to have helped the rapper through his darkest days - is optimistic about Moss becoming the father he says he is, and is “encouraged” by his newfound desire to “do the things his father didn’t do with him.” But what about the fans? Will they still be ready to “ride for” Weezy even if turns out that he’s not keepin’ it 100 when it comes to his personal life?

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