The Girls No One Wants to Be, But Everyone Loves to Watch

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Celebs have made craziness of all kinds an entertainment artform, but that doesn't mean any of it's acceptable in real life. Below is a list of the types of ridiculous girls we love to watch and ways to avoid becoming them.

The Bully

NeNe Leakes is a bully. She created view-worthy drama pushing people around on Celebrity Apprentice, and creates even more drama pushing people around on Real Housewives. Now, she and other steamrolling women like her may progress quickly in getting where they want to be in the working world (I've certainly had bullyish coworkers), but they make more-than-average numbers of enemies on the journey, which ends up weakening their stance in the long-run.

To avoid becoming The Bully: Seriously, would you want someone giving you a verbal beatdown at the slightest provocation? Don't flatten people just because they get in your way - get creative and find ways to convert your obstacles into allies. You'll come out even stronger for the support and respect you'll garner.

The Trainwreck

Think Amy Winehouse, who recent reports say has just canceled the rest of her tour thanks to the fact she's a raving mess and can't get her life -- much less a string of demanding concerts! -- together. Unfortunately, though she's extremely talented, her unacceptable/ridiculous behavior has overshadowed that. We all love to point and shake our heads, but being the target of that scorn must be miserable.

To avoid becoming The Trainwreck: Find productive ways to deal with stress, like going to the gym, and don't drink or otherwise medicate yourself into oblivion (even if you "only do it on the weekend" - weekends count too!); think more Charlotte, less Ke$ha.

The Bitch

Over-ambitious, obnoxiously "blunt," or just plain mean, bitchy types get a lot of laughs, but often those laughs are just hiding hurt, disbelief, or resentment. After all, you have to laugh because, if you show weakness to one of these oh-so-lovely ladies, you'll likely become the evening's new "awww, but I'm just kiddingggg!" target. Seriously, ladies, don't go all "it's better to be feared than loved" - after all, Lewis Carroll's Queen of Hearts didn't actually hold anyone's heart; she was just a bitch... who happened to have a guillotine on hand.

To avoid becoming The Bitch: Everyone can get a little bitchy sometimes - it's only natural. But bite your tongue and meditate on the golden rule before you shoot off your mouth. "Edgy jokes" about weight, mental ability/development, profession, religion, and possible sexual proclivities should probably be avoided.

The Slut

While sex tapes have become the new entrée into celebrity (thank you, Paris) and sexted dick pics the new political scandal (oh, Weinergate!), that doesn't mean it's cool; it just means we all love to gawk and giggle at it. What girls like Paris and Kim Kardashian are saying by letting their sex tapes talk is that they have nothing more to offer the world than two boobs, a butt, and a hooha. That's just sad.

To avoid becoming The Slut: Just as you wouldn't put damning accusations in writing, don't put evidence of your sexcapades on film. Also, if you're more of a Samantha Jones than a Paris, maybe lessen your alcohol intake and up your self-control threshold (meaning: don't go home with every guy who smiles your way, even if he's cute).

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