Under the Same Roof: A Glimpse into Famous Infidelities

Nailing the help? Happens more than you'd think.

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It has been widely reported that former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger has a child with a former member of his house staff.

I don't know why everyone is so shocked. Thomas Jefferson fathered six children with Sally Hemings back in the 1800's. He was the president of our country and it was 200 years ago! Why would men (or even women for that matter) change?

INFphoto_1704638-lead-200x222.jpgCelebrities love to do it close to home though. Mildred Patricia Baena worked for the Schwarzeneggers for over 20 years, under the same roof! She was pregnant at the exact same time Maria Shriver was with the couple's son Christopher. Coincidentally, she gave birth only 2 days apart from Shriver.

There is a serious phenomenon in our culture that is shocked by the fact that people cheat, although it's obviously a re-occurring issue. However, sleeping with in-house staffers is a popular choice amongst famous people. It makes sense; the women are already in their lives, across the hallway and will most likely keep quiet until the story leaks.

"Men whose wives require nannies and housekeepers are less maternal in their eyes, thus, they are attracted in a primal sense to the (typically) younger woman who they then see in that role of mother. They see her running the house, and acting as caregiver," said Rachel Hedges, a professional child care provider.

Look at Shriver, she has a career and is a public figure. The chances of her doing laundry all day and having dinner and a cold beer waiting for Arnold when he arrives home after a long day, is probably as far-fetched as universal healthcare. Arnold sees doting housemaid doing his laundry and smiling while folding his banana-hammocks, and he becomes smitten. "After a while, they then seek nurturing and other things from that individual, not their wife," adds Hedges.

jlaw04.jpgIn 2005, Jude Law had an ongoing sexual relationship with his nanny Daisy Wright, under, again, the same roof as his children and then-fiancee Sienna Miller. While Miller was off working, and not attending to Law's sexual needs, the nanny slipped right in. During an interview with the Daily Mirror, Wright said "I maintain it is impossible for someone to break up a happy relationship."

article-0-02F273DB00000578-587_468x640.jpgAnd let's not forget Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman.  Rumors circulated during their breakup in 2003 that Ethan had cheated on Uma which led to their split, but Ethan didn't lick his wounds for long and ended up impregnating and then later marrying their nanny, Ryan Shawhughes, whom he now has two children with. Clearly, proximity and willingness can strongly influence one's loins.

Many experts agree that marriage and relationships are hard work. Before judging the Terminator, consider that fame, power and Mexican housemaids make it even harder. 

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