If I Were Satan, These Famous People Would Be In Hell

Oh, to be Satan for a day.

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Is there a worse job in the world than writing about a bunch of overpaid, overrated, underwhelming twats who make more money in a day than most of us make in a year?  Well, I suppose cleaning up after a porn movie might be worse. And of course, making meth in a trailer park bathtub would suck, but this ranks pretty high (or would that be low) on the list.

Everyday we celeb-journalist types must cull the most important stories from the day's top entertainment news.  My friends (well some of them) think my job is cool, fun and interesting. If only they knew... my work duties and functions are the intellectual equivalent of being the receptionist for Satan.

Which brings me to a thought and one worth sharing. I think I am a pretty damn good judge of character. How can I judge people I've never met you ask; people whose job it is to put on a good show and pretend to be something their not?  Because today I get to be Satan, and when you are Satan you know stuff.  So now that my secret is out, I am going to share with you my list of famous folks on the highway to hell.

Some are obvious, some not so much, and the good news, you can vote on who YOU think should go to hell too!  Feel free to write in your own suggestions, 'cuz Satan is lazy and could use the help.

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View gallery: Top Ten Famous People Heading To Hell

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