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Holly Thorne's recent story on affordable 20th century modern furniture woke my memory of a bunch of stuff I already own but haven't seen in quite some time because it's all stuck in a Crown Storage unit in Seoul, Korea. Why? We'll, let's just say I owe them some money.

In any case, I began to think of my own modest collection of 20th century modern home items and counted two Frank Lloyd Wright licensed reproduction lamps, a #13 numbered limited edition FLW copper weed holder (one of which Bill Clinton has as well, but I'm not sure his number), a commissioned Donald Judd yellow plywood stool, and my beloved Evans Products Eames leg splint among other things.

Formed in ribbon mahogany and fabricated by the steamed and pressed process perfected by Charles and Ray Eames the splints are works of art on their own. Manufactured by the Evan Products company in 1943 for the US Navy, the Eames leg splint would be their first mass produced product, well before the bentwood chairs in a variety of styles that would later make them famous. But the war ended quickly and the splints were never used in action - rather they were relegated to spending the next 50 years or so in the Evans warehouse.

I bought mine in Chicago in 1993 or so. I found it in a vintage furniture shop and saw it a bargain at $200 for what was surely an original. Chicago is full of galleries and shops selling old doorknobs, parts of windows, and all sorts of architectural rubbish calling it Frank Lloyd Wright or Louis Sullivan and it's your guess if you can validate it from an old fuzzy interior photo - but these leg splints are real. The Eames Gallery sells them for $650. 

I had considered, at the beginning of this story, to sell mine for the same $650 but I've decided to hold out for more. At an appreciation rate of 150% in 20 years, I could damn well retire on the thing - well, if I threw in that Judd stool maybe I could. Not gonna happen.

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