Anthony Weiner: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Less Fozzie Bear, more Kermit the Frog.

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As we wait for Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) to come to his senses and resign already, let's take a moment to consider the real issue here: what did he do with all his body hair?

Since the Weiner trouser snake was let loose on Twitter last week, the Congressman has been saying tweet all to his 70,000 followers.

weiner_twitter.jpgLogically, you could assume that he is frantically stamping out the embers of his burnt out political career. Or maybe he is too busy keeping up to date with what must be a demanding hair removal schedule.

Setting his pervy antics aside for now, you just can't help but wonder at the porn star smoothness of that chest. Those who have experienced the highs and lows of fur management have to admit that the ultimate Twitter flasher knows his hair removal.

Being a fair woman of northern European descent, I am going to hazard a guess here. A man with an abundant 'fro like Weiner is likely to have a skin to hair ratio on his chest similar to Fozzie Bear. To get from Fozzie to Kermit takes a huge dose of manity and a lot of dedication.


According to Kristen Haines, owner of New York-based Euphoria Spa voted "Top Hair Removal Experts 2009" by New York Magazine, male hair removal is big business. She puts the increase in demand across all races, cultures, and lifestyles down to improvements in technology. "Right now, Intense Pulse Light treatments are really popular. They prevent ingrown hairs and give a bump- shadow-free permanent result." It costs around $1750 for the nine 45-minute treatments that it takes to de-Fozzie the average chest.

When it comes to the emerging manity trend, I am all for it. Whatever floats your boat. Rep. Weiner will find, however, that his voters in New York prefer a good heart and an honest soul under the chest of their Congressman, whether it is hair-free or otherwise. He may be still here today, but I am pretty sure he'll be gone tomorrow.

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