Trump's Decision Was All About His Favorite Subject: The Donald

The Donald doing what The Donald does best: looking out for himself.

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For weeks the media was fixated on Donald Trump's potential bid for the White House, with the usual "will he or won't he" pundit chatter reserved for more serious candidates reduced to this question: "Is this a publicity stunt, or not?"

While the talking heads went into a frenzy trying to determine his intentions and anxiously awaiting a decision, Trump took advantage of the opportunity to appear on any and every show possible (I'm almost certain I saw him on an episode of Dora the Explorer) to talk about his two favorite subjects - the citizenship of President Barack Obama and Donald Trump.

But with NBC's recent announcement that Celebrity Apprentice will return with a new season in the fall of 2011, with or without Trump at the helm, it became clear to those in the entertainment industry that The Donald would not be seeking political office.

After withstanding constant ridicule and backlash, a public shellacking at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, more high-profile feuds, and even being accused of racism, it was NBC that dealt the most powerful blow to Trump's ego. Not only would the network be continuing the show without him, but they were also moving it to an earlier time slot, putting it up against other primetime juggernauts, and using it as a lead-in for the new John Grisham drama, The Firm, in hopes of giving the fledgling series a strong start.

For a mere 24 hours, the fate of Celebrity Apprentice and, oddly enough, the country was in the hands of those who participate in political polls. But just as we started to entertain the idea of Gary Busey as Trump's successor on the hit reality show, which incidentally is just as amusing as dreaming up potential running mates (seriously, try it), Donald Trump made the announcement we've all been waiting for, at a place that's most sacred to him.

Not in his hometown, or standing before a significant U.S. monument or landmark, as most candidates opt to do, but at the NBC Upfront Presentation, surrounded by his most ardent followers - the press. And with that, the debate over Trump's intentions could finally be put to rest. Because a commanding presence in primetime, with the fate of a new series relying heavily on his own show, and the chance to receive even partial credit for returning NBC to its glory days as a leader in network television - well, that's exactly the kind of change The Donald believes in.

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