DSK: It's Time to Put Your Balls to the Wall

Should DSK's 'political balls' meet a timely end with a handy meat tenderizer?

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The UK Sunday Times Style section this week declared the attitude of ‘balls to the wall’ (B to the W) to be the mindset of the moment.  They described it as “How to go at work, life and the rest if you want to get ahead”.  

Now that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund, seems to be on the brink of being cleared of sexually assaulting a hotel maid in New York, the question is: will the 'rutting chimapanzee' adopt this mindset and find something better to do with his balls?

“Balls to the wall” is a term used by pilots to describe a sudden acceleration: the throttle is pushed all the way to the panel and the throttle lever (ball) actually touches the panel (wall).  In our time of economic stress and strain, many people have found themselves with their backs against the wall and have chosen to push forward and come out fighting.  

In the last five months, I can relate based on a personal experience that felt like someone took my balls (metaphorical ones, obviously), flung them at a brick wall, watched them slither to the floor, then pummelled them into a bloody mess with a meat tenderizer.  Painful?  Mightily.  I’ll let you into a little secret though - I really rather enjoyed it. Maybe B to the W really is the new way to get ahead.

Being knocked off your pedestal, rediscovering the glorious feeling of rolling around on the warm grass like an underdog on its daily walk, and choosing to push the accelerator button rather than slinking off in defeat is surprisingly a very rewarding experience.  You get to prove to yourself and others what you are made of.  

Now that DSK has had his rather short and broad back against the wall for the last few weeks, will he use his potentially enormous change in circumstances to catapult him into the race for the President of the French Republic? 

As much as I would love to see the perennially smug smile wiped off "Tzarkozy’s" face once and for all, ‘Le Perv’ has surely gone too far in his long history of sexual harassment to make a credible comeback.  The fact is, some people deserve to rise out of the belly of the underdog and some should remain smacked down in their deserved place in the dog house. 

As the Sunday Times reported “Anecdotes have swirled around Paris of DSK’s unwanted advances on women”.  Some female politicians, it is claimed, never risk being left alone in the same room with him. Further reports surfaced today that a French writer is also preparing to file a sexual assault lawsuit against DSK, accusing him of attempted rape in 2002.

Perhaps whatever happened in suite 2806 of the New York Sofitel wasn’t rape or any kind of forced sexual encounter. Do you think, however, that he seduced her with compliments, roses, champagne and gave her a loving post coital cuddle in his huge king-size bed?  Je ne crois pas!  

Whatever happened would have been a hot bed of masochism that represents an inherent lack of respect for women, his family and the powerful global position that he held at the time.

We all love to see someone who life has dealt a harsh knock adopt a 'balls to the wall' attitude to rebuild his/her life.  Sometimes, however, the karmic circle dictates that people who treat others repeatedly with depraved contempt don’t deserve to get rewarded with another high position of power, but instead should have their ‘political balls’ meet a timely end with the help of a metaphorical meat tenderizer.                                              

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