Hugh Hefner Dumped on the Way to the Altar, Tweets Sad Tidings

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Hugh Hefner, Playboy founder and American icon, recently broke the news to the world that his fiancée called off their upcoming nuptials. Hefner announced this bit of life altering news via his Twitter account, of course.
Hefner has enjoyed a celebrated career over the past six decades immersing generations in platinum hair draped over surgically constructed silicon breasts. Due to his vision, Hefner's become a hero in the eyes of adolescent and grown boys across the world. He's made a fortune, fathered four children, traveled the globe countless times, yet has fallen victim to his usual reoccurring kryptonite: younger (then much younger, then much much younger, then...) blonde girlfriends/fiancées/wives.

The latest tanned femme fatale, Crystal Harris, is a 25 year-old aspiring pop singer. It's been speculated that it is a complete coincidence that her first single, "Club Queen," was released hours before Hefner tweeted about his heartbreak.

crystal-harris.jpgHefner recently enjoyed his 85th birthday. His professional life speaks volumes: the magazine, mansions, videos, satellite radio stations, nightclubs, not to mention the masses of memorabilia available in droves in retail stores and eBay.

Yet, once again, the business mogul can't learn from his past personal sales reports: constructed blonde women 40-plus years his junior might not be the most virtuous, nor provide a promising life plan. Either Hefner is keeping his image preserved no matter what, or he is delusional in his attempt to pick the perfect mate. Needless to say,  Hefner allows the public to believe he's been on an undying pilgrimage to find true love. Some experts (and most critics) might disagree.

Maurren Dowd, author of the book Are Men Necessary?, once told The Washington Post that "successful men don't want fascinating women, they just want women who are awed by them." One has to wonder if these former girlfriends would be in such great awe if Hefner wasn't the founder of Playboy. Most likely not. A 60-year age difference is pretty hard to ignore no matter his personal charms.

Another approach to Hefner's continuous revolving door of mates might stem from his driven quest to solidify his role in pop culture. "It could be argued that fame is another way of preserving one's identity for future generations," according to David Giles in his book Illusions of Immortality: A Psychology of Fame and Celebrity. Hefner might be overprotective of his legacy, thus recycling 20-something models like aluminum cans.

After being dumped in front of America by a self-proclaimed "Club Queen," Hefner might want to rethink where his legacy is headed. Maybe he's ready for a change: one of the non-blonde Jersey Shore girls might make a nice rebound,

Through it all, the Hef has retained his sense of humor. His latest tweet:

"Since we're not getting married on Saturday, I've scheduled a movie: Runaway Bride. Seems appropriate."

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