Inside Edition With Deborah Norville, Close Call with Peter Jennings

Just came back from chatting with Inside Edition's Deborah Norville about William, Harry, Diana and how she would have viewed young Catherine.

I floated the idea that in keeping with Hollywood, wouldn't it be peachy if the best man, Prince Harry and maid of honour Pippa Middleton became romantically attached.  There was a previous instance of this in the Middleton family: Catherine's grandfather Peter and his brother married sisters who had escaped from France during World II.

I have to say central London has an air of excitement about it as the big day approaches. The police were climbing down a hole by the Abbey, which the gas board were fixing to check for explosive devices, a carriage and four was trotting up and down past the Abbey and photographers were lounging outside the Goring hotel waiting for something, anything to happen.

Being on the roof of the Methodist Hall opposite Westminster Abbey, where the interview took place, brought back memories of Diana's funeral nearly 14 years ago. I was on a similar scaffolding gantry overlooking the Abbey with Barbara Walters and Peter Jennings. That day he earned my undying respect as an unflappable journalist.

This is how it played out:

Because we were so high up, we had to wear bright orange crosses on our suit jackets to show the watching police snipers that we had been cleared by security. It was as you may remember a hot day in September, 1997. Peter was commentating and describing the solemn scene unfolding below us. From time to time our orange crosses would unpeel and we would pat them back in place. Mine fell off and a voice in my ear piece said: "You are now a target for the police. Put your identification back on". I did so quickly.

The same kept happening to Peter and we had these increasingly frantic voices saying that we were now targets for a police sniper. As Diana's coffin was being carried into the Abbey and Peter was at his most solemn, an over zealous security guard ran onto the gantry and tried to pull Peter out of his seat. An unseemly tug of war ensued as I held on to Peter's right arm and the security guard tried to pulled on his left arm.

In the end the producer pulled the security guard away. All the while Peter remained utterly unruffled, calmly describing the solemn scene unfolding outside and then inside the Abbey. Now that's what I call professional. He is sadly missed.

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