What's the Craic, Barack?

O'Bama's visit to Ireland.

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I had a dream. I wake to find that I live in a world in which the first African American President of the United States claims that there is "no one more Irish than me." Such were the words of the 44th President as he addressed the euphoric crowd in Dublin Monday, at the start of his presidential European tour.

In this dream there is a comedy setting: Moneygall, is the birthplace of the Irish Obamas. I mean, come on!  "Money" ... "all" ... in a country that is currently in the middle of arguably the hardest economic times since the Famine.  

There are also plenty of interesting characters: like Obama's Irish ancestor who sailed across the Atlantic to settle in the US called "Fulmouth Kearney"; and his surviving Moneygall resident eighth cousin known as "Henry VIII." I mean, really, "Full" ... "mouth"? "Henry VIII"?  It kills me.

Add also a sprinkle of poetic history - JFK, the most Irish of all American presidents, buoyed up a trampled West Berlin in 1963 with the words "Ich bin ein Berliner." Obama has clearly taken lessons in "Irish" speech writing before he penned his words to the currently economically challenged crowd.

Whats the craic.jpgThen there are there are the money men:  What's the Craic Barack? [roughly translates as 'Yo!  Wha'd up?'] is a website that has sold thousands of t-shirts saying "What's the Craic Barack?"  They have 446 Facebook likes and 246 Twitter followers. That is more than the stats for the respective pages purporting to represent the Irish President, Mary McAleese. It's a funny old world.

But this isn't a dream. We are living in a world in which a man named Obama rid the world of an evil villain called Osama; a world in which a man with the skin the color of warm, rich evening sunlight can be related to a people with skin color more closely related to a plucked chicken (I should know, I've got it); a world in which we survived Harold Camping's prediction of the apocalypse by a few days, only to have the most famous man on earth change his travel plans because of an event closely related to the Rapture predictions - an erupting volcano in Iceland. You just could not script it.

Reading through the rhetoric in Obama's Dublin speech, you can't help but admire this Irishman's ability to write a good script. Only time will tell if O'Bama is the start of the Rapture or the beginning of a beautiful dream. In the words spoken by the President himself yesterday, after he was given a gift of a book on Hawaiian myths and legends by an Irish author, "It just confirms that if you need somebody to do some writing, have an Irishman."

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