A Season in Review: The Top 5 Moments of The Real Housewives of New York City

From Hangar-gate to vajazzled vajayjays and Ramona Singer's pregnant pause; oh, ya habibi, it's been one cah-razy season!

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Already missing the ladies of the 212? Don't worry! We're counting down The Real Housewives of New York City's most outrageous moments of Season Four; from classy, to crass, to just plain weird. See where your favorite scene landed on our list, and if it didn't make the cut, tell us about it in the Comments below!

5. Lady Morgan Takes a Dive We’re not sure where diving headfirst into your own toilet lands you in the official pecking order, but Sonja Morgan was the picture of style and grace as she took it upon herself to fish out the Blackberry that was clogging the commode in her $6 million home - without gloves! Why she went through the trouble of having a plumber come out to watch her do it, is beyond us, but at the risk of having Lady Morgan shame us with a lecture on manners, we’re going to leave it alone.

4. Pinot-gate For much of Season 4 of the Bravo reality show, it seemed that every big “scandal” was produced by the same formula: Cindy Barshop + harmless inanimate object = harmless inanimate object-gate. Pinot-gate was no different. Apparently, when inviting someone to your birthday party, it's necessary to greet them with an IV connected to a vat of their favorite drink, otherwise, there will be hell to pay. We have so much to learn in terms of Manhattan social etiquette!

3. Ramona’s Misfortune You know you’re rich when you run into a friend in a foreign country. Or is it, you know you’re on a reality show when you run into a friend in a foreign country? Either way, while attending a birthday party in Morocco, the ladies each had their fortunes read by a psychic who was either a RHONYC superfan, or just really talented. We’re assuming the latter, but Ramona disagrees. Singer still claims that Mario never has been and never will be unfaithful to her (sounds like someone’s developed some psychic powers of her own), but the proverbial jury is still out on that one.

2. It's Not About You! During the March to Celebrate All that is Wonderful about Sonja Morgan for Marriage Equality, Alex McCord and her always overdressed husband, Simon, were peeved when Sonja stole the spotlight at the event, but in an attempt to make amends, Alex attended an art show at Sonja’s house, which fans of any Housewives show will tell you is always the perfect time to settle your differences; the absolute best occasion being at a child’s christening. After a very one-sided argument, Sonja "saves” Alex from embarrassing herself by throwing her out of the house. We’re about 95% sure that Alex was more embarrassed by the fact that she was being tossed out of the party, and 100% sure that a real friend would have at least given her a coat to cover up that hideous "S&M dress."

1. Henna-pause The trip to Morocco was an enlightening one for Sonja and Ramona, who apparently aren’t too comfortable going to “third world countries,” but it also proved to be educational for fans of the The Real Housewives of New York City as well, who learned the proper way to handle conflict, that Santa Claus doesn’t go around fixing henna tattoos, and most importantly, even Louboutin makes mistakes.

For more of The Real Housewives of New York City, don't forget to tune in to the first night of the two-part Reunion Special, which airs Monday, July 25th on Bravo.


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