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Reality Bytes: The Douchebag Edition -- Russell Armstrong, Kelsey Grammer and Jason Wahler

A special edition for some very special people.

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It’s a special edition of “Reality Bytes”! Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with real douchebag husbands, and a recovering douche does good; here’s your “Reality Bytes” for Wednesday, August 03, 2011.

Russell Armstrong “Goes Oklahoma” on Women

2wg9fnm.pngWe all kind of got the funny feeling that Taylor Armstrong’s husband was a loser on the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but now, a new report from RadarOnline confirms it! (No wonder she was so jealous of Kyle Richards’ marriage.)

Days after announcing their split, Taylor came forward with allegations that Russell had been both emotionally and physically abusive throughout their relationship. Russell didn’t deny the claims, and now, we know why….

In two separate relationships, restraining orders were issued against Armstrong after he physically assaulted his ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend. The women have it on record that Russell hit them, threw them to the ground, and in one instance, kicked his ex-wife in the back and threw crystal glassware at her before spitting on her.

The girlfriend also reports that at one time, she made a call to Armstrong’s ex-wife when she witnessed him slapping their son so hard that she could hear it from across the room.

Russell was ordered to take anger management courses, but it doesn’t look like they were very effective.

Taylor and Russell’s pre-divorce relationship woes are captured on camera in season 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor makes some pretty obvious hints about Russell’s abusive behavior during the show, but no specifics are ever given.

Mr. Grammer Goes to Washington?

kelsey-grammer.jpgNow that he’s only got one woman to deal with, it seems that Fraiser star Kelsey Grammer has a little time on his hands, and to fill it, he’s thinking about making a run for political office.

A staunch Republican, Grammer is tossing around the idea of running for mayor somewhere in the state of New York. He’s got the money and the clout to do it, but will voters be able to separate Kelsey the diplomat from Kelsey the douchebag?

Not if the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can help it. Serving as a mouthpiece for Grammer’s ex, Camille, the other ‘wives, like Kyle Richards and the always outspoken Lisa VanderPump, are making it clear that “He’s got to learn how to run a family first before he can run a city.” Ouch!

Recovering Douchebag

lauren-conrad-jason-wahler.jpgHats off to Jason Wahler of The Hills and Laguna Beach. After a year of sobriety (congrats!), “J Wahl” has made amends with former gf, Lauren Conrad, apologizing for “stuff that happened in the past with my drunken ways that I needed to address,” and proving that being a prick is a choice. Russell, Kelsey…take note.

And that’s not all! Now that the 24-year-old is getting his personal life back on track (which includes staying out of Hollywood), Wahler’s paying it forward, working as a mentor and sober companion at National Therapeutic Services in California.

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