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Shaunie O'Neal Disses Basketball Wives LA, E! Milks the Kardashians for All They're Worth, & Ashley Hebert's Sister Eats Her Words

Your reality TV fix for Friday, August 5, 2011

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What’s the latest in reality TV news? From Shaunie O’Neal slamming her own shows to Ashley Hebert’s sister’s words of remorse, and Heidi Klum's rumored exit from Project Runway; here’s your “Reality Bytes” for Friday, August 5, 2011.

Shaunie O’Neal: Diss & Tell We already know how Gilbert Arenas feels about Basketball Wives LA, but who’d have thought that the woman behind the franchise, Shaunie O’Neal, would also publicly diss the VH-1 series before it’s even premiered? Is this another sign that Basketball Wives LA is doomed?

In an interview with Fox411, O’Neal calls the show out for being less like Basketball Wives and more “I slept with a basketball player at some point of time in my life, so now I’m on Basketball Wives,” adding that it’s not something she’d be proud of having her name on. Day-um Shaunie!

But that’s not to say that she’s happy with the turn that the original Basketball Wives has taken either. Although she’s happy with the 4.2 million viewers its gained, O’Neal says that she hates the fact that people are mostly tuning in for all of the cat-fights and drama, even claiming that she’s considering revamping the series to show more of the positive things that the cast members are doing, so there’s at least some balance. Let’s see how many fans stay on board if and when that happens!

Kim-Kardashian-Kris-Humphries.jpgPimping Out the Kardashians Um, in case you haven’t heard, Kim Kardashian is marrying NBA star Kris Humphries on Saturday, August 20th. The bad news - you’re probably not invited. The good news - if you want in on all the wedding-related chaos, you can watch it over the course of 2 days on E!. The bad news - you’re gonna have to wait until October!

E! has released their official Save the Date for “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event,” when viewers will be able to “follow the bride, groom and entire Kardashian clan every step of the way, from the lavish wedding planning to the fabulous parties to the highly anticipated big day when Kim and Kris say, ‘I do.’”


The 2-day spectacle special is scheduled to begin Sunday, October 9 at 8|7c, and continues on Monday, October 10 at 9|8c. And we’re sure it’ll also air every hour on the hour in the days and weeks following, until Ryan Seacrest gets the rights to broadcast the conception, pregnancy, and birth of the next Kardashian offspring.

ChrystieCorns.jpgSister, Sister. After fans of The Bachelorette virtually ripped her to shreds for talking smack about her sister’s choice of bachelors in the season finale of the ABC reality show, Chrystie Corns is now eating her words about J.P. Rosenbaum, telling People that she “made a big mistake,” (ya think?!) and feels “like a jerk” for saying that she didn’t see the connection between Rosenbaum and her sister, Ashley Hebert.

Rosenbaum’s not letting it go that easily though. Says Corns, “I want to make it up to him, but he won’t let me forget it,” adding with a laugh, “J.P. says if he has anything to do with it, I’m going to have to fight for the right to be maid of honor.” Hmm… Maybe Chrystie and about 30 other women living in a mansion, fighting for the title of maid of honor? Then we can let J.P. tell us if he sees the connection between Ashley and her sister.

top-project-runway-hairstyles-heidi-klum-01.jpgIs Heidi Klum Saying, "Auf Wiedersehen" to Project Runway?! Despite reports that an all-star version of Lifetime's Project Runway is currently taping in NYC without Heidi Klum at the helm, the network says that it's absolutely not true that the supermodel is leaving the show.

The name of the host of Project Runway All-Stars, a spin-off of the original, has not yet been released, but fans can rest assured that Heidi is sticking around.

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