Another Royal Wedding: Zara Phillips Canters Up the Aisle

Respected equestrian Zara Phillips married her rugby player love, Mike Tindall, in Edinburgh.

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Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter, Zara Phillips, on the way to her wedding in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Zara Phillips married her longtime beau, Mike Tindall, in a private ceremony at Canongate Kirk (that's Scottish for "church") in Edinburgh, Scotland. No press were allowed in the church, but the 6,000 spectators in the streets got an eyeful of a herd of royals trotting in to celebrate the nuptials of Queen Elizabeth's oldest granddaughter. 

Zara, 30,  and Mike, 32, are both professional athletes; she is a champion equestrian hoping to be on the British Olympic team, and he is a world-famous rugby player. Zara, who has no royal title, will continue to use her maiden name. She supplements her income with endorsements for Rolex and Land Rover, and there was a tussle with the Queen when Zara wanted to sell the wedding photo rights to Hello! magazine. The Queen, who is hosting the wedding reception at her Edinburgh palace, Holyrood House, put her majestic foot down on that subject.

Only daughter of Princess Anne and her first husband Mark Phillips (both noted equestrians), Zara attended Gordonstoun School in Scotland. Princess Anne has especially close ties to Scotland and the wedding was held in Edinburgh for sentimental reasons. Mike Tindall is from a middle-class family in West Yorkshire.

The bride's cousin, Prince Harry, introduced Zara to Mike and attended the wedding, along with the newlyweds William and Catherine.

The sun shone, the guests avoided fashion disasters, and bagpipes played. Come to the gallery and see more of the heirloom tiara, the wedding gown, and Princess Beatrice's hat for this particular wedding.

View gallery: Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall Wedding Gallery

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