Baby Wales: How Long Can William and Kate Wait?

Will royal tradition pressure William and Kate to start a family?

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Cecil Beaton, Mirrorpix/Courtesy Everett Collection, London Evening Standard

RoyalFamilyatCharlesChristening.jpgIt's a set piece of the British monarchy: four generations of Windsors assembled in the Buckingham Palace Music Room; a young mother looking anxiously at the baby in her arms; the 1841 Honiton lace christening gown flowing toward the floor; an Archbishop of Canterbury looming in the background, ready to perform the baptism.

And in recent editions of this picture, the baby was born within a year of a royal wedding.

PrinceCharleswithQueenElizabeth.jpgPrince William appeared eleven months after his parents' wedding, and Prince Charles arrived six days before his parents' first wedding anniversary.

If the royal performance moves like clockwork, a waving bride disappears behind the scenery and quickly reemerges as an expectant mother.

Will this be the fate of our Kate?

gal_di12.jpgBefore the April 29 wedding there were confident predictions that William and Kate would stick to the timetable. Just days later it is not so clear.

Biology and luck always being factors with conception, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are sending signals that the public should not expect royal-business-as-usual from the newlyweds.

Aides recently stated that the Duchess will focus on being an officer's wife and has no plans to take on individual royal engagements. William and Kate will tour Canada June 30 to July 8, and Andrew Morton broke the news that they will visit Los Angeles at the end of the trip. 

They are expected for another Buckingham Palace balcony group at Trooping the Colour, and to attend other family celebrations, but beyond that, their life will be centered on RAF service in a remote part of Wales.

Of course, that's a nice place to be alone with a new baby too. William and Kate clearly want to keep us guessing.

So the government's movement to change the rules of succession in favor of any first-born child, instead of first-born males, better get a move on.

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