Battle of the Brit Brunettes: Kate Middleton vs. Cheryl Cole

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Two young women, both gorgeous brunettes, are style icons and fast becoming national treasures in Britain. Now Kate Middleton and former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole are duking it out in the fashion ring.

One was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and enjoyed a monied life of privilege and advantage, attending top private schools. The other had a hardscrabble childhood, went to an ordinary state school, but has made a fortune from hard work and talent.

Now a fashion survey of scores of British woman has decided who lands the knockout fashion blow: more than half voted for the Duchess of Cambridge. British actress Keeley Hawes has written a report for coffee company Kenco Millicano, comparing Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, with singer and former ‘X Factor’ judge Cheryl Cole.

Keeley reports that Kate's style surpasses that of Cheryl and adds that 55 per cent of British women surveyed admitted they would love to get their hands on Kate's wardrobe. This compares with just 22 per cent who want to dress like Cheryl.

So how do Kate and Cheryl compare? Apart from the fact that Kate bagged her prince while Cheryl loved and lost her husband, Kate clearly comes out the winner.

Kate's style influences the buying habits of many women. Every outfit Kate wears simply flies off the rails. When she wore the Shola dress from high street retailer Reiss to meet the Obamas, not only did the garment sell out, but the company’s website crashed due to high demand.


Yet, two years ago, Cheryl topped the best-dressed list of Tatler, the UK society magazine that promotes princesses and posh girls. That’s a great achievement for a girl from a council estate in Newcastle. Kate didn’t even make the top ten.

Cheryl has great hair - shame about the extensions - which had to be admitted when she posed for hair product adverts! Kate has wonderful hair: the picture of her shopping just days after her wedding, with her waterfall of thick, flowing hair tumbling over her shoulders, must have had shampoo manufacturers salivating.

Kate’s make-up is always neatly and perfectly applied. So is Cheryl’s, although she seems overly fond of false eyelashes. Kate’s look just seems more restrained, although she has been criticised for wearing too much eyeliner.

Kate is committed to a lifetime of charity work as part of her royal role.

SNN0705B-380_748954a.jpgHowever, Cheryl won plaudits for trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief, helping to raise millions for charity projects around the world. This year she launched her own charitable foundation with The Prince’s Trust, Prince Charles’s main charity. The Cheryl Cole Foundation will provide funds for The Prince’s Trust in the North East, helping disadvantaged young people from Cheryl’s home area.

Cheryl behaved with considerable dignity during and after her divorce from her cheating footballer husband, Ashley Cole, who was linked with several glamour girls. Despite temptations to tell all to the tabloids, Cheryl behaved like a princess, keeping the secrets of her marriage to herself. She and Ashley have maintained an amicable relationship.

She was a great X Factor judge, mentoring two of the winners and was reputed to be the most conscientious of the judges. After a nasty spell of malaria put her out temporarily last year, she gamely returned for the 'judges houses' stage of the show, filmed at a country house in England as she was still too ill to travel.

Cheryl’s Geordie accent was alleged to be the reason why Simon Cowell dropped her from American X Factor, but we understand her accent here well enough! She is much missed from this year’s UK contest - Mr. Cowell, please take note.

So all in all, I reckon Keeley Hawes is right. It’s round one to Kate. Could we see a points advantage to Cheryl in round two? Wait and watch….

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