Broken Record or Closet Class? Duchess Catherine’s Wardrobe Repeats

Seriously, ladies, stop wigging out. Wearing outfits more than once is NORMAL.

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Duchess Catherine’s wardrobe is going green - and I’m not just referring to the color of the beautiful Diane Von Furstenburg dress she donned this past weekend for Zara Phillips' pre-wedding party.

Actually, I’m referring to the fact that this is not the first time that fabulous frock has seen the light of flashbulbs. In reality, it debuted about a month ago when she graced the red carpet in L.A.

Over the last few months, Catherine has raised a few fashionable eyebrows a number of times when she’s re-worn jeans and dresses at several royal and public occasions, even prompting some sites to put up entire galleries of her “recycled” outfits. My question is: why is this such a big deal to the chic and famous?

Wardrobes are finite things - there are only so many ways to mix, match, and repurpose even the most versatile pieces, and you’re going to end up repeating an outfit every now and again. I know I have a favorite dress that I probably wear at least twice a month (and on the occasional weekend) because it’s beautiful, flattering, and I don’t have anything else like it.

Seriously, the fashion police have yet to arrest me or shred the contents of my closet for my audacity.

Personally, I think it’s great that this down-to-earth duchess is daring to do what many twenty-somethings in wedding season refuse to, which is to be photographed in the same ensemble twice. The world economy is on the downtick, and while NBA wives may be attempting social consciousness by downsizing of the number of carats on their fingers, here’s a member of the royal family living in a small home with minimal staff, doing her own grocery shopping, and wearing her wardrobe like a normal woman would.

So rock on, Kate - green looks good on you!

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